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Welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely; and leave something of the happiness you bring!

I'm glad you have chosen sit near my fire, after all even if sometimes i'm a writer, others a critic, a reader, a painter or simply a fangirl we all try to talk as a single one. So don't be afraid, we don't eat! We like to talk with you about many things, some we like, others you may present us or maybe some we don't agree. At any case, surely we will have lot's of fun!!!

As all you may notice, this account is empty, that's because i normally use my LJ account, i'll try to write here in time to time, but for the moment if you want to talk me better be in LJ. I'll be waiting for you there (Schizophrenic Conspiracy)! ;D

If you are going to add me is ok, but please let me know what are your preferences, i accept strangers, but not random people (being serious, if you don't tell me at least who are you, i'm not going to add you, i'm not asking you to surprise me or something like that, is enough if you tell me your name or nickname, what fandom we may share or what interest we share...if you don't know, come over here!).

I can speak english, spanish, i understand French and a bit of Japanese, so if you are learning or you know any of them we could have fun!
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June 2012


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